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Zhang, X. (author)
Multiscale computational materials science has reached a stage where many complicated phenomena or properties that are of great importance to manufacturing can be predicted or explained. The word “ab initio study” becomes commonplace as the development of density functional theory has enabled the predictions to be independent of experimental...
doctoral thesis 2017
Zhang, S. (author)
Steel components can exhibit premature and low-ductility creep fracture, when exposed to high temperatures for long times. The failure arises from the formation, growth and coalescence of ultra-fine cracks and cavities. Self healing of damage is a promising new approach to enhance the lifetime of the steel components, in particular for...
doctoral thesis 2015
Langelaan, G. (author), Zhang, S. (author), Brück, E. (author), Van der Zwaag, S. (author), Van Dijk, N.H. (author)
Abstract only.
conference paper 2013