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Wu, Yue (author), Liu, Xiuming (author), Li, Q. (author), Chen, Boxuan (author), Luo, Peng (author), Pronk, Arno (author), Mergny, Elke (author)
By using inflatable moulds and then spraying cellulose-water mixture, one ice dome and two ice towers were built in Harbin in December 2016. During the whole process, form-finding of the inflatable moulds as well as the construction of these ice composite shell structures are very important for the final results.
The mould for the ice dome...
conference paper 2017
Minchin, E. (author), Li, X.X. (author)
The traditional system of design-bid-build has long been the principal delivery system for horizontal construction; it has been employed by all the transportation departments in the United States for almost a century. The shift toward design-build (DB) as a time saving method has been successful in many ways, but use of the system has exposed...
conference paper 2011