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Jansen, J.D. (author)
These notes form part of the course material for the MSc course AES1490 "Advanced Reservoir Simulation" which has been taught at TU Delft over the past decade as part of the track "Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences" in the two-year MSc program "Applied Earth Sciences".
The notes cover the gradient-based optimization of subsurface flow....
report 2016
Straathof, M.H. (author)
This thesis introduces a new parameterization technique based on the Class-Shape-Transformation (CST) method. The new technique consists of an extension to the CST method in the form of a refinement function based on B-splines. This Class-Shape-Refinement-Transformation (CSRT) method has the same advantages as the original CST method, while also...
doctoral thesis 2012
Daumas, L. (author), Dinh, Q.V. (author), Kleinveld, S. (author), Rogé, G. (author)
Preliminary results on shape optimization of a wing-body configuration aiming at reducing sonic boom overpressure will be discussed. The optimization process uses a CAD modeler and an Euler CFD code with adjoint. Thickness, scale, twist and camber at section level were used to obtain gains in ground pressure signature.
conference paper 2006