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Zhang, X. (author), Zhao, X. (author), Molenaar, M. (author), Stoter, J. (author), Kraak, M.J. (author), Ai, T. (author)
Matching of building polygons with different levels of detail is crucial in the maintenance and quality assessment of multi-representation databases. Two general problems need to be addressed in the matching process: (1) Which criteria are suitable? (2) How to effectively combine different criteria to make decisions? This paper mainly focuses on...
conference paper 2012
Zhang, X. (author), Stoter, J.E. (author), Ai, T. (author), Kraak, M.J. (author)
Automated evaluation of generalization output relies to a large extent on that requirements (e.g. specifications, constraints) being formalized in machine-readable formats. Previous studies suggest that the formalization and automated evaluation are relatively easier for legibility constraints (improve the readability of maps) than for...
conference paper 2010
Zhang, X. (author), Ai, T. (author), Stoter, J.E. (author)
Building patterns are important features in applications like automated generalization and spatial data mining. Many previous work has however focused on a few specific patterns (i.e. collinear pattern), while many others are less discussed. This paper proposes a comprehensive typology of available building patterns through the study of existing...
conference paper