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Kavisha, K. (author), Ledoux, H. (author), Stoter, J.E. (author)
Point cloud data are an important source for 3D geoinformation. Modern day 3D data acquisition and processing techniques such as airborne laser scanning and multi-beam echosounding generate billions of 3D points for simply an area of few square kilometers. With the size of the point clouds exceeding the billion mark for even a small area,...
conference paper 2016
Verbree, E. (author), Stoter, J.E. (author), Zlatanova, S. (author), De Haan, G. (author), Reuvers, M. (author), Vosselman, G. (author), Goos, J. (author), Van Berlo, L. (author), Klooster, R. (author)
This paper presents the work in progress of a research project that aims at establishing a reference model for 3D geo-information in the Netherlands. The research project is initiated by four national organizations: 1) Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, 2) Kadaster, 3) Geonovum, and 4) the Netherlands Geodetic Commission....
conference paper 2010