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Jeliazkov, M. (author), Sardar Abadi, P.M. (author), Lopes, C.S. (author), Abdalla, M.M. (author), Peeters, D.M.J. (author)
A computationally efficient two-level design methodology is developed for the optimization of stiffened compression loaded panels having variable stiffness panels as their skin. In the first step extensive bay panel optimization is performed using a Rayleigh-Ritz energy method coupled with a specialized Genetic Algorithm. Results in agreement...
conference paper 2015
Daniels, H.A.M. (author)
In this paper the CAD system DESTIP is described. DESTIP is developed at the NLR for designing compression panels in wing box structures. Application of the system yields optimal panels in the sense that they meet all the requirements imposed by the designer and have minimum weight per unit width. Weight reductions ranging from 0 to 10% have...
report 1985