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Valencia Cardona, A.M. (author), Mugge, R. (author), Schoormans, J.P.L. (author), Schifferstein, H.N.J. (author)
Smart Product-­?Service Systems (Smart PSSs) are market offerings that integrate products and services into one single solution through the implementation of IC technology. Smart PSSs allow organizations to develop relationships with consumers in new ways and have a growing presence in the marketplace. As designers’ involvement in the design of...
conference paper 2014
Geelen, D.V. (author), Scheepens, A.E. (author), Kobus, C.B.A. (author), Obinna, U.P. (author), Mugge, R. (author), Schoormans, J.P.L. (author), Reinders, A.H.M.E. (author)
Residential smart grid projects can be evaluated by a design-driven approach, which focuses on gaining insights for successful product and service development by taking the end-users as a starting point. Because only little experience exists with this design-driven approach, this paper addresses how four pilot projects with smart energy...
conference paper 2013