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The Confronting Informality Symposium is a student-led event sponsored by the Chair of Spatial Planning & Strategy at the Department of Urbanism, TU Delft University of Technology. The symposium happens once a year and gathers experts, policy-makers, practitioners and others to discuss informal urbanisation, its political, economic and...
report 2018
Bozdag, E. (author), Van den Hoven, M.J. (author)
It has been argued that the Internet and social media increase the number of available viewpoints, perspectives, ideas and opinions available, leading to a very diverse pool of information. However, critics have argued that algorithms used by search engines, social networking platforms and other large online intermediaries actually decrease...
journal article 2015
Bozdag, V.E. (author)
Online web services such as Google and Facebook started using personalization algorithms. Because information is customized per user by the algorithms of these services, two users who use the same search query or have the same friend list may get different results. Online services argue that by using personalization algorithms, they may show the...
doctoral thesis 2015