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Garming, M.W.H. (author), Weppelman, I.G.C. (author), De Boer, Pascal (author), Martínez, Felipe Perona (author), Schirhagl, Romana (author), Hoogenboom, J.P. (author), Moerland, R.J. (author)
Nanomaterials can be identified in high-resolution electron microscopy images using spectrally-selective cathodoluminescence. Capabilities for multiplex detection can however be limited, e.g., due to spectral overlap or availability of filters. Also, the available photon flux may be limited due to degradation under electron irradiation. Here,...
journal article 2017
Moerland, R.J. (author), Weppelman, I.G.C. (author), Garming, M.W.H. (author), Kruit, P. (author), Hoogenboom, J.P. (author)
We show cathodoluminescence-based time-resolved electron beam spectroscopy in order to directly probe the spontaneous emission decay rate that is modified by the local density of states in a nanoscale environment. In contrast to dedicated laser-triggered electron-microscopy setups, we use commercial hardware in a standard SEM, which allows us to...
journal article 2016
Roelofsen, F. (author), Buma, J. (author), Oude Essink, G. (author), Garming, L. (author), Van Oostrom, N. (author), Gehrels, J. (author), Peters, T. (author), Van Meerten, H. (author), Vergroesen, T. (author), Penailillo, R. (author)
Delft en omliggende gemeenten zullen in de komende jaren moeten anticiperen op de mogelijke veranderingen in het onttrekkingsregime voor grondwater van DSM Gist en de geplande aanleg van de spoortunnel onder Delft. Deze veranderingen hebben invloed op het watersysteem en daarmee op het waterbeheer. In het kader van het onderzoeksprogramma ...
report 2007