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Buzink, S.N. (author)
For patients less invasive image-based procedures (IBP) such as laparoscopy have many benefits in comparison to traditional open surgery, such as less pain, faster recovery, and fewer scars. However, to perform IBP effectively, efficiently, and above all safely, the surgical team is highly dependent on technology. The interaction with the...
doctoral thesis 2010
Buzink, S.N. (author), Christie, L.S. (author), Goossens, R.H.M. (author), De Ridder, H. (author), Jakimowicz, J.J. (author)
Background - The aim of this study is to investigate the influence of the presence of anatomic landmarks on the performance of angled laparoscope navigation on the SimSurgery SEP simulator. Methods - Twenty-eight experienced laparoscopic surgeons (familiar with 30ยบ angled laparoscope, >100 basic laparoscopic procedures, >5 advanced laparoscopic...
journal article 2010
Buzink, S.N. (author), Botden, S.M.B.I. (author), Heemskerk, J. (author), Goossens, R.H.M. (author), De Ridder, H. (author), Jakimowicz, J.J. (author)
Background: It is a tacit assumption that clinically based expertise in laparoscopic tissue manipulation entails skilfulness in angled laparoscope navigation. The main objective of this study was to investigate the relation between these skills. To this end, face and construct validity had to be established for the place arrow (PA) and camera...
journal article 2009