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Zhang, Dong (author), Verhees, Wiljan (author), Dörenkämper, Maarten (author), Qiu, Weiming (author), Bakker, N.J. (author), Gutjahr, Astrid (author), Veenstra, Sjoerd (author), Gehlhaar, Robert (author), Paetzold, Ulrich W. (author), Soppe, Wim (author), Romijn, Ingrid (author), Geerligs, LJ (author), Aernouts, Tom (author), Weeber, A.W. (author)
The perovskite solar cell is considered a promising candidate as the top cell for high-efficiency tandem devices with crystalline silicon (c-Si) bottom cells, contributing to the cost reduction of photovoltaic energy. In this contribution, a simulation method, involving optical and electrical modelling, is established to calculate the...
journal article 2016