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Cleij, D. (author), Venrooij, J. (author), Pretto, Paolo (author), Pool, D.M. (author), Mulder, M. (author), Bulthoff, Heinrich H. (author)
Motion cueing algorithms are used in motion simulation to map the inertial vehicle motion onto the limited simulator motion space. This mapping causes mismatches between the unrestricted visual motion and the constrained inertial motion, which results in perceived motion incongruence (PMI). It is still largely unknown what exactly causes...
journal article 2018
Valente Pais, A.R. (author)
A perception coherence zone (PCZ) designates the range of inertial motion levels that, although not being a one-to-one match with the visual motion levels, are still considered by the subjects as being part of a coherent movement. Two types of PCZs were studied: amplitude PCZs and phase PCZs. Amplitude and phase coherences zones were measured...
doctoral thesis 2013