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Vanham, D. (author), Hoekstra, A (author), Wada, Y (author), Bouraoui, F. (author), de Roo, A. (author), Mekonnen, M. M. (author), van de Bund, W. J. (author), Batelaan, O. (author), Pavelic, P. (author), Bastiaanssen, W.G.M. (author), Kummu, M (author), Rockström, J. (author), Liu, J. (author), Bisselink, B. (author), Ronco, P. (author), Pistocchi, A. (author), Bidoglio, G. (author)
Target 6.4 of the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) deals with the reduction of water scarcity. To monitor progress towards this target, two indicators are used: Indicator 6.4.1 measuring water use efficiency and 6.4.2 measuring the level of water stress (WS). This paper aims to identify whether the currently proposed...
review 2018