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Yin, L.J. (author), Ji, Wei Wei (author), Liu, Shi Yu (author), He, Wei Dong (author), Zhao, Lin (author), Xu, Xin (author), Fabre, A. (author), Dierre, B.F.P.R. (author), Lee, Ming Hsien (author), van Ommen, J.R. (author), Hintzen, H.T.J.M. (author)
showing similar crystal structure. In this work, an alternative low temperature synthesis method is...
journal article 2016
Tobón, L. (author), Chen, J. (author), Lee, J. (author), Yuan, M. (author), Zhao, B. (author), Liu, Q.H. (author)
Many system-level electromagnetic design problems are multiscale and very challenging to solve. They remain a significant barrier to system design optimization for a foreseeable future. Such multiscale problems often contain three electrical scales, i.e., the fine scale (geometrical feature size much smaller than a wavelength), the coarse scale ...
conference paper 2013
Agusdinata, D.B. (author), Lee, S. (author), Zhao, F. (author), DeLaurentis, D. (author), Thissen, W.A.H. (author)
A full realization of alternative energy such as biofuels depends on the existence of a viable supply chain (SC) network. This work seeks to understand the dynamics of biofuels SC network by developing an approach to model the dynamics and characterize system behavior. A multi-actor approach is pursued in which the interests of three supply...
conference paper 2012