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Remøy, HT (author), van der Voordt, Theo (author)
The continuing high levels of office building vacancy in the Netherlands cause a loss of income for building owners and - since the physical life span of the buildings is not getting shorter – an increase of obsolete office buildings. These buildings are deteriorated or even prospectless, with no perspective on future lease or reuse for office...
conference paper 2009
Geraedts, R.P. (author), van der Voordt, D.J.M. (author)
It is important to have an effective means of determining the transformation potential of office buildings that are unoccupied or are likely to become unoccupied in the near future. We need to be able to measure this transformation potential both at location and at building level, and it will be convenient to be able to carry out both a quick,...
conference paper 2007
Geraedts, Rob P. (author), van der Voordt, Theo (author)
conference paper 2004