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Huy, N.Q. (author), Van Tol, A.F. (author), Hölscher, P. (author)
In order to improve the interpretation of the quasi-static (e.g. Statnamic) pile load tests, a research project has been started to investigate effects of the loading rate on the bearing capacity of a pile in sand. A series of laboratory tests has been carried out. The testing program consists of a series of triaxial tests for sand and a series...
report 2006
Archeewa, E. (author)
Pile load tests are commonly used by engineers to determine its bearing capacity. At present, there are three methods of pile load tests: the static, the dynamic and the quasi-static test. The static pile load test is done by applying an axial load on the pile with a long duration. The dynamic and quasi-static tests are done with an impact load...
report 2005