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Bandopadyay, S. (author), Brataas, A. (author), Bauer, G.E.W. (author)
The miniaturization of magnetic read heads and random access memory elements makes them vulnerable to thermal fluctuations. We demonstrate how current-induced spin-transfer torques can be used to suppress the effects of thermal fluctuations. This enhances the fidelity of perpendicular magnetic spin valves. The simplest realization is a dc to...
journal article 2011
Bauer, G.E.W. (author), Brataas, A. (author), Tserkovnyak, Y. (author), Van Wees, B.J. (author)
A magnetoelectronic thin-film transistor is proposed that can display negative differential resistance and gain. The working principle is the modulation of the soure–drain current in a spin valve by the magnetization of a third electrode, which is rotated by the spin-torque created by a control spin valve. The device can operate at room...
journal article 2003
Manschot, J. (author), Brataas, A. (author), Bauer, G.E.W. (author)
The current induced magnetization reversal in nanoscale spin valves is a potential alternative to magnetic field switching in magnetic memories. We show that the critical switching current can be decreased by an order of magnitude by strategically distributing the resistances in the magnetically active region of the spin valve. In addition, we...
journal article 2004