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Li, Z. (author), Ganapathy, S. (author), Xu, Y. (author), Zhu, Quanyao (author), Chen, Wen (author), Kochetkov, A (author), George, C. (author), Nazar, Linda F. (author), Wagemaker, M. (author)
journal article 2018
Li, Z. (author), Ganapathy, S. (author), Xu, Y. (author), Heringa, J.R. (author), Zhu, Quanyao (author), Chen, Wen (author), Wagemaker, M. (author)
The lithium air, or Li–O2, battery system is a promising electrochemical energy storage system because of its very high theoretical specific energy, as required by automotive applications. Fundamental research has resulted in much progress in mitigating detrimental (electro)chemical processes; however, the detailed structural evolution of the...
journal article 2017