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Guo, D. (author), Trajanovski, S. (author), Van de Bovenkamp, R. (author), Wang, H. (author), Van Mieghem, P.F.A. (author)
The interplay between disease dynamics on a network and the dynamics of the structure of that network characterizes many real-world systems of contacts. A continuous-time adaptive susceptible-infectious-susceptible (ASIS) model is introduced in order to investigate this interaction, where a susceptible node avoids infections by breaking its...
journal article 2013
Van Mieghem, P. (author), Stevanovi?, D. (author), Kuipers, F. (author), Li, C. (author), Van de Bovenkamp, R. (author), Liu, D. (author), Wang, H. (author)
The decrease of the spectral radius, an important characterizer of network dynamics, by removing links is investigated. The minimization of the spectral radius by removing m links is shown to be an NP-complete problem, which suggests considering heuristic strategies. Several greedy strategies are compared, and several bounds on the decrease of...
journal article 2011