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Droste, B. (author), Van Gent, R. (author), Straathof, M. (author), Steenhuizen, D. (author), Kotsonis, M. (author), Geuskens, F. (author), Shroff, S. (author), Guerriero, G. (author), Gangoli Rao, A. (author), Lada, C. (author), Dewanji, D. (author), Yu, H. (author), Schroijen, M. (author), Hoekstra, J. (author), The CleanEra Team (author)
The CleanEra project was initiated with the goal of developing revolutionary ideas for civil aviation. These ideas were to offer solutions which would limit and reduce some of the negative aspects of aviation, namely: emissions and the use of resources. This book presents you with the highlights of this journey in search of new technologies for...
book 2015
Geuskens, F.J.J.M.M. (author)
There are many applications where volume needs to be pressurised within a geometrical space for which conventional pressure vessels do not provide suitable solutions. Applications are for example found in pressure cabins for Blended Wing Body Aircraft and conformable pressure vessels for an incompressible medium that has to be stored in a...
doctoral thesis 2012
Vos, R. (author), Geuskens, F.J.J.M.M. (author), Hoogreef, M.F.M. (author)
This paper outlines a new concept for a pressure cabin design for blended-wing-body aircraft. An overview is presented of the wide oval cabin and why it is believed to be a possible alternative to existing designs of non-circular pressurized cabins. The perimeter of the oval cross section is formed by four smoothly connecting arcs of different...
conference paper 2012