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Ho Huu, V. (author), Hartjes, S. (author), Geijselaers, L.H. (author), Visser, H.G. (author), Curran, R. (author)
Recently, a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based on decomposition (MOEA/D) has emerged as a potential method for solving multi-objective optimization problems (MOPs) and attracted much attention from researchers. In MOEA/D, the MOPs are decomposed into a number of scalar optimization sub-problems, and these sub-problems are optimized...
conference paper 2018
Ho Huu, V. (author), Hartjes, S. (author), Visser, H.G. (author), Curran, R. (author)
At many airports, ground track segments may be shared by different departure routes, and the population living underneath these segments is exposed to all aircraft movements which are sent to these routes. This may cause negative community reaction to authorities and policymakers, leading to objections against the expansion of airport and...
conference paper 2019