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Braakenburg, M.L. (author), Hartjes, S. (author), Visser, H.G. (author), Hebly, S.J. (author)
This paper presents preliminary results from an ongoing research effort towards the development of a multi-event trajectory optimization methodology that allows to synthesize RNAV approach routes that minimize a cumulative measure of noise, taking into account the total noise effect aggregated for all inbound flight movements taking place within...
conference paper 2011
Ho Huu, V. (author), Hartjes, S. (author), Geijselaers, L.H. (author), Visser, H.G. (author), Curran, R. (author)
Recently, a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based on decomposition (MOEA/D) has emerged as a potential method for solving multi-objective optimization problems (MOPs) and attracted much attention from researchers. In MOEA/D, the MOPs are decomposed into a number of scalar optimization sub-problems, and these sub-problems are optimized...
conference paper 2018
Sabbatini, D (author), Janssens, K (author), Hartjes, S. (author), Visser, H.G. (author), Gennaretti, M (author), Bernardini, Giovanni (author)
This paper presents a sound synthesis approach that allows investigating the noise annoyance of rotorcraft in relation to the source components and flight path. The sound synthesis is based on a source-transfer-receiver model, describing the noise emission and directivity of the sources and their propagation towards the receiver point on the...
conference paper 2013