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Laird, Jamie S. (author), Visser, P. (author), Ranade, S. (author), Hughes, A.E. (author), Terryn, H.A. (author), Mol, J.M.C. (author)
Studies of Li depletion in sections of a Li <sub>2</sub> CO <sub>3</sub> -primer comprising a polyurethane binder, MgO, TiO <sub>2</sub> , BaSO <sub>4</sub> in addition to Li <sub>2</sub> CO <sub>3,</sub> were performed using a combination of particle induced γ-ray and X-ray emission spectroscopies along with SEM/EDS analysis. A mixture of...
journal article 2019
Meeusen, M. (author), Visser, P. (author), Fernández Macía, L. (author), Hubin, A. (author), Terryn, H.A. (author), Mol, J.M.C. (author)
In this work, the study of the time-dependent behaviour of lithium carbonate based inhibitor technology for the active corrosion protection of aluminium alloy 2024-T3 is presented. Odd random phase electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (ORP-EIS) is selected as the electrochemical tool to study the corrosion protective properties of a model...
journal article 2018