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Quiros Solano, W.F. (author), Gaio, N. (author), Stassen, O.M.J.A. (author), Arik, Y.B. (author), Silvestri, C. (author), Van Engeland, N.C.A. (author), Van der Meer, A. (author), Passier, R. (author), Sahlgren, C.M. (author), Bouten, C.V.C. (author), van den Berg, A. (author), Dekker, R. (author), Sarro, P.M. (author)
We present a novel and highly reproducible process to fabricate transferable porous PDMS membranes for PDMS-based Organs-on-Chips (OOCs) using microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) fabrication technologies. Porous PDMS membranes with pore sizes down to 2.0 μm in diameter and a wide porosity range (2–65%) can be fabricated. To overcome issues...
journal article 2018
Gaio, N. (author), van Meer, B. (author), Quiros Solano, W.F. (author), Bergers, L. (author), van de Stolpe, A. (author), Mummery, CL (author), Sarro, P.M. (author), Dekker, R. (author)
Organ-on-Chips (OOCs) are micro-fabricated devices which are used to culture cells in order to mimic functional units of human organs. The devices are designed to simulate the physiological environment of tissues in vivo. Cells in some types of OOCs can be stimulated in situ by electrical and/or mechanical actuators. These actuations can mimic...
journal article 2016