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Daran, J.M. (author), Bakker, B.M. (author), Pronk, J.T. (author), Westerhoff, H.V. (author), De Winde, J.H. (author), Heck, A.J.R. (author), Slijper, M. (author), De Groot, M.J.L. (author), Luttik, M.A.H. (author), Van Gulik, W.M. (author), Rossell, S. (author), Daran-Lapujade, P. (author)
Metabolic fluxes may be regulated ‘‘hierarchically,’’ e.g., by changes of gene expression that adjust enzyme capacities (Vmax) and/or ‘‘metabolically’’ by interactions of enzymes with substrates, products, or allosteric effectors. In the present study, a method is developed to dissect the hierarchical regulation into contributions by...
journal article 2007