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Sokolovskij, R. (author), Zhang, Jian (author), Iervolino, E. (author), Zhao, Changhui (author), Santagata, F. (author), Wang, F. (author), Yu, Hongyu (author), Sarro, P.M. (author), Zhang, G.Q. (author)
S) detection for industrial safety applications. High operating temperature above 150 °C enabled large signal...
journal article 2018
Sokolovskij, R. (author), Iervolino, E. (author), Zhao, Changhui (author), Wang, F. (author), Yu, Hongyu (author), Santagata, F. (author), Sarro, P.M. (author), Zhang, G.Q. (author)
from 0.25 to 10 were designed, fabricated and tested for the detection of hydrogen gas at 200 °C. Sensitivity, sensing current variation and transient...
conference paper 2017
Sokolovskij, R. (author), Sun, J. (author), Santagata, F. (author), Iervolino, E. (author), Li, S. (author), Zhang, G.Y. (author), Sarro, P.M. (author), Zhang, G.Q. (author)
plasma using ICP-RIE etcher followed by wet etching of the oxidized layer. Previously reported cyclic oxidation-based GaN etching obtained very...
journal article 2016