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Mans, R. (author), Daran, J.G. (author), Pronk, J.T. (author)
Evolutionary engineering, which uses laboratory evolution to select for industrially relevant traits, is a popular strategy in the development of high-performing yeast strains for industrial production of fuels and chemicals. By integrating whole-genome sequencing, bioinformatics, classical genetics and genome-editing techniques, evolutionary...
review 2018
Adiego-Pérez, Belén (author), Randazzo, P. (author), Daran, J.G. (author), Verwaal, René (author), Roubos, Johannes A. (author), Daran-Lapujade, P.A.S. (author), van der Oost, John (author)
Microbial production of chemical compounds often requires highly engineered microbial cell factories. During the last years, CRISPR-Cas nucleases have been repurposed as powerful tools for genome editing. Here, we briefly review the most frequently used CRISPR-Cas tools and describe some of their applications. We describe the progress made...
review 2019