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Wognum, P.M. (author), Bil, Cees (author), Elghc, Fredrik (author), Peruzzini, Margherita (author), Stjepandic, Josip (author), Verhagen, W.J.C. (author)
Transdisciplinary research (TDR) has been the subject of discourse in the past few decades, but has bot been studied much in the context of engineering problems. Many engineering problems can be characterized as ill-defined, like open innovation, adoption of new technology, business development, and the adoption of the Industry 4.0 concept....
conference paper 2018
Wognum, P.M. (author), Verhagen, W.J.C. (author), Stjepandic, J (author)
The system concept is a widely-used concept in research and practice. Already in the 50s of the previous century, a community was created to investigate interrelationships between domains and create a theory surpassing and comparing domains. The General Systems Theory (GST) community has tried to come up with...
conference paper 2017
Stjepandic, J (author), Verhagen, W.J.C. (author), Wognum, P.M. (author)
CE has been used for more than two decades now. Despite many successes and advantages, there are still many challenges to be addressed. These challenges are both technical and organisational. In the paper we will address the current challenges of CE. Many challenges are related to the exchange of data and...
conference paper 2015