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Lopez Serrano, P. (author), Cao, L. (author), Van Rantwijk, F. (author), Sheldon, R.A. (author)
The invention relates to a method of preparing cross-linked enzyme aggregates (CLEAs) comprising the steps of a) precipitating a dissolved enzyme present in a liquid medium; b) cross-linking with a cross-linker, and c) optionally, washing the cross-linked enzyme aggregate. According to the invention at least one treatment is performed chosen...
patent 2002
De Zoete, M.C. (author), Van Rantwijk, F. (author), Sheldon, R.A. (author)
Abstract of WO 9507359 (A1) A process for carrying out enzymatically catalyzed conversions of organic compounds comprises reacting an ester of an organic acid in a liquid organic phase with ammonia in the presence of a hydrolytic enzyme such as a lipase, esterase or protease. The process permits the highly enantioselective preparation of...
patent 1995