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Sun, Bo (author), Fan, Xuejun (author), van Driel, W.D. (author), Cui, Chengqiang (author), Zhang, G.Q. (author)
In this study, we present a general methodology that combines the reliability theory with physics of failure for reliability prediction of an LED driver. More specifically, an integrated LED lamp, which includes an LED light source with statistical distribution of luminous flux, and a driver with a few critical components, is considered. The...
journal article 2018
Cui, X. (author), Green, M.A. (author), Blower, P.J. (author), Zhou, D. (author), Yan, Y. (author), Zhang, W. (author), Djanashvili, K. (author), Mathe, D. (author), Veres, D.S. (author), Szigeti, K. (author)
Magnetic and fluorescent hydroxyapatite nanoparticles were synthesised using Al(OH)3-stabilised MnFe2O4 or Fe3O4 nanoparticles as precursors. They were readily and efficiently radiolabelled with 18F. Bisphosphonate polyethylene glycol polymers were utilised to endow the nanoparticles with excellent colloidal stability in water and to incorporate...
journal article 2015
Yuan, C.A. (author), Zhang, G.Q. (author), Han, C.N. (author), Chiang, K.N. (author), Cui, Y. (author)
The mechanical characteristics of the long-chain double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) molecule under the axial stretching and lateral unzipping are studied by the clustered atomistic-continuum method (CACM). The CACM consisted of the clustered atom method (CAM) and the atomistic-continuum method (ACM). The CAM treats the specific atomic group as the...
journal article 2007