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Schipper, H.R. (author)
The production of precast, concrete elements with complex, double-curved geometry is expensive due to the high costcosts of the necessary moulds and the limited possibilities for mould reuse. Currently, CNC-milled foam moulds are the solution applied mostly in projects, offering good aesthetic performance, but also resulting in waste of material...
doctoral thesis 2015
Fisher-Gewirtzman, D. (author)
Reviving neglected existing urban fabrics is one of the main frame-work for our future. A contemporary theory of conservation regarding architectural intervention and buildings subsequent re-use, has been developed to address a growing number of tired and neglected buildings. Rehabilitation is required for buildings that are no longer fit to...
conference paper 2011
Sebastian, R. (author)
Collaborative design has been emerging in building projects everywhere. The more complex a building project becomes, the closer and more intensive collaboration between the design actors is required. This research focuses on collaborative design in the conceptual architecture design phase, especially during the elaboration of the masterplan and...
doctoral thesis 2007