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Kanning, W. (author), Bocovich, C. (author), Schweckendiek, T. (author), Mooney, M.A. (author)
Piping failure of levees is one of the main contributors to flood risk. Piping occurs when the head difference over a levee results in uplift of the inland blanket, followed by backward erosion in the aquifer due to high local flow velocities. Whether piping occurs, highly depends on local geo-hydrological circumstances which are uncertain due...
conference paper 2015
Schweckendiek, T. (author), Kanning, W. (author)
Piping, also called under-seepage, is an internal erosion mechanism, which can cause the failure of dikes or other flood defence structures. The uncertainty in the resistance of a flood defence against piping is usually large, causing high probabilities of failure for this mechanism. A considerable part of this uncertainty is of epistemic nature...
conference paper 2009