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Yuan, Jun (author), Vardon, P.J. (author), Hicks, M.A. (author), Hart, J (author), Fokker, PA (author)
OPERA-PU-TUD321b<br/>Radioactive substances and ionizing radiation are used in medicine, industry, agriculture, re- search, education and electricity production. This generates radioactive waste. In the Neth- erlands, this waste is collected, treated and stored by COVRA (Centrale Organisatie Voor Radioactief Afval). After interim storage for a...
report 2017
Arnold, P. (author), Vardon, P.J. (author), Hicks, M.A. (author), Fokkens, Jan (author), Fokker, PA (author)
OPERA-PU-TUD311<br/>The Onderzoeks Programma Eindberging Radioactief Afval (OPERA) is the third national research programme for the geological disposal of radioactive waste in the Netherlands, operating during the period 2011 to 2016. This document is the final report of Work Package 3.1, where the principal technical feasibility of the current...
report 2015
Kallen, M.J. (author)
The Netherlands, like many countries in this world, face a challenging task in managing civil infrastructures. The management of vital infrastructures, like road bridges, is necessary to ensure their safe and reliable functioning. The Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management in the Netherlands manages the structures in the...
doctoral thesis 2007