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Gong, X. (author), Yang, J. (author), Daamen, W. (author), Bozzon, A. (author), Hoogendoorn, S.P. (author), Houben, G.J.P.M. (author)
City-scale events attract large amounts of attendees in temporarily re-purposed urban environments. In this setting, the real-time measurement of the density of attendees stationing in – or moving through – the event terrain is central to applications such as crowd management, emergency support, and quality of service...
journal article 2018
Gong, X. (author), Daamen, W. (author), Bozzon, A. (author), Hoogendoorn, S.P. (author)
City events are being organized more frequently, and with larger crowds, in urban areas. There is an increased need for novel methods and tools that can provide information on the sentiments of crowds as an input for crowd management. Previous work has explored sentiment analysis and a large number of methods have been proposed relating to...
journal article 2019