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Blenn, N. (author), Doerr, C. (author), Shadravan, N. (author), Van Mieghem, P. (author)
After the early land rush and fast exponential growth of online social networking platforms, concerns about how data placed in online social networks may be exploited and abused have begun to appear among mainstream users. Social networking sites have responded to these new public sentiments by introducing privacy filters to their site, allowing...
conference paper 2012
Doerr, C. (author), Tang, S. (author), Blenn, N. (author), Van Mieghem, P. (author)
The key feature of online social networks is the ability of users to become active, make friends and interact with those around them. Such interaction is typically perceived as critical to these platforms; therefore, a significant share of research has investigated the characteristics of social links, friendship relations, community structure,...
conference paper 2011
Blenn, N. (author), Doerr, C. (author), Van Kester, B. (author), Van Mieghem, P. (author)
As Online Social Networks (OSNs) become an intensive sub- ject of research for example in computer science, networking, social sci- ences etc., a growing need for valid and useful datasets is present. The time taken to crawl the network is however introducing a bias which should be minimized. Usual ways of addressing this problem are sampling...
conference paper