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Stoop, J.A.A.M. (author), Baggen, J.H. (author), Vleugel, J.M. (author)
conference paper 2008
Van der Gun, J.P.T. (author), Pel, A.J. (author), Van Arem, B. (author)
There are many kinds of disasters that can severely impact the transportation system of an urbanized region. Transportation authorities therefore need to develop management strategies to adequately deal with such emergencies. In this paper, we discuss the structure of a simulation model that can be used to assess a candidate strategy. We model...
conference paper 2014
Labetski, A. (author), van Gerwen, Stefan (author), Tamminga, G.F. (author), Ledoux, H. (author), Stoter, J.E. (author)
CityGML, an OGC standard, is an open data model for virtual 3D city models and includes buildings, roads, terrain, water bodies, etc. While many modules are well-developed (eg buildings, bridges, tunnels), the transportation model is, based on our consultations with various government agencies and municipalities, not sufficient for most...
conference paper 2018