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Navarro, Laetitia M. (author), Fernandez, Nestor (author), Guerra, Carlos (author), Guralnick, Rob (author), Kissling, W. Daniel (author), Londono, Maria Cecilia (author), Muller-Karger, Frank (author), Turak, Eren (author), El Serafy, G.Y.H. (author), Balvanera, Patricia (author)
The ability to monitor changes in biodiversity, and their societal impact, is critical to conserving species and managing ecosystems. While emerging technologies increase the breadth and reach of data acquisition, monitoring efforts are still spatially and temporally fragmented, and taxonomically biased. Appropriate long-term information...
review 2017
Guerra, C.A. (author), Pendleton, L. (author), Drakou, E.G. (author), Proença, V. (author), Appeltans, W. (author), Domingos, T. (author), Geller, G. (author), Giamberini, S. (author), Ziemba, A.M. (author)
To account for progress towards conservation targets, monitoring systems should capture not only information on biodiversity but also knowledge on the dynamics of ecological processes and the related effects on human well-being. Protected areas represent complex social-ecological systems with strong human-nature interactions. They are able to...
review 2019