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Nechemia-Arbely, Yael (author), Fachinetti, Daniele (author), Miga, Karen H. (author), Sekulic, Nikolina (author), Soni, G.V. (author), Kim, Dong Hyun (author), Wong, Adeline K. (author), Lee, Ah Young (author), Nguyen, Kristen (author), Dekker, C. (author), Ren, Bing (author), Black, Ben E. (author), Cleveland, Don W. (author)
Chromatin assembled with centromere protein A (CENP-A) is the epigenetic mark of centromere identity. Using new reference models, we now identify sites of CENP-A and histone H3.1 binding within the megabase, α-satellite repeat-containing centromeres of 23 human chromosomes. The overwhelming majority (97%) of α-satellite DNA is found to be...
journal article 2017