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Clifford Holmes, J.K.V. (author), Pollard, S (author), Biggs, H (author), Chihambakwe, Kundai (author), Jonker, Willem (author), York, Theo (author), Andres Diaz, Fabio (author), Slinger, J.H. (author)
In this paper, we report on a concerted modelling effort in the South African water resources sector in which system dynamics provides the paradigmatic framing for both a stakeholder engagement process and for developing an underpinning, integrative simulation model. We describe the design of the parallel modelling approach and examine the...
conference paper 2016
Van Leeuwen, C.J. (author), Frijns, J. (author), Van Wezel, A. (author), Van de Ven, F.H.M. (author)
Climate change, population growth and increased consumption, coupled with urbanization, are all placing increased pressure on water management. This global challenge can often best be addressed at the local level, e.g. in cities by optimizing the role of civil society. Although there are approaches for assessing the sustainability of countries...
journal article 2012
Anonymous, A. (author)
This document outlines the Cabinet's position on water management policy in the 21st century. Immediately fuelling this is my concern about increasing water levels in the rivers, flooding, and the accelerated rise in sea level. In a country like the Netherlands, the geography of which is dominated by the sea and the mouths of four great rivers,...
report 2000