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Blank, J.l.t. (author), Bos, J.W.B. (author), Koot, P.M. (author), Balk, B.M. (author)
Dit rapport analyseert de reguleringsmethode van TenneT door de NMa. Het rapport beschrijft op basis van de huidige reguleringsmethode de prikkels voor TenneT om de doelmatigheid van de bedrijfsvoering te bevorderen, de mate waarin de huidige reguleringsmethode TenneT dwingt om (on)realistische kostenreducties op de kapitaalkosten door te voeren...
working paper 2010
Schipper, H.R. (author), Borg Costanzi, C. (author), Bos, Freek (author), Ahmed, Z (author), Wolfs, R. (author)
It is no secret that there have been some great advances in the realm of concrete additive manufacturing. However, one of the major drawbacks of this fabrication technique is that the elements must be self-supporting during printing. While most other additive manufacturing materials can overcome this by using a secondary printed support...
working paper 2017