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Seo, M.A. (author), Adam, A.J.L. (author), Kang, J.H. (author), Lee, J.W. (author), Jeoung, S.C. (author), Park, Q.H. (author), Planken, P.C.M. (author), Kim, D.S. (author)
We present 2D measurements of the full THz electric field behind a sample consisting of multiple slits in a metal foil. Our measurements, which have a sub-wavelength spatial, and a sub-period temporal resolution, reveal electric field lines, electric field vortices and saddle points. From our measurements we are able to reconstruct the magnetic...
journal article 2007
Lee, J.W. (author), Seo, M.A. (author), Park, D.J. (author), Kim, D.S. (author), Jeoung, S.C. (author), Lienau, C. (author), Park, Q.H. (author), Planken, P.C.M. (author)
Terahertz transmission filters have been manufactured by perforating metal films with various geometric shapes using femtosecond laser machining. Two dimensional arrays of square, circular, rectangular, cshaped, and epsilon-shaped holes all support over 99% transmission at specific frequencies determined by geometric shape, symmetry,...
journal article 2006