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Prokhorov, V.G. (author), Kaminsky, G.G. (author), Kim, J.M. (author), Eom, T.W. (author), Park, J.S. (author), Lee, Y.P. (author), Svetchnikov, V.L. (author), Levtchenko, G.G. (author), Paschenko, A.V. (author), Medvedev, Y.V. (author), Nikolaenko, Y.M. (author), Bukin, G.V. (author), Khokhlov, V.A. (author)
Nd0.52Sr0.48MnO3 films have been fabricated by dc magnetron sputtering on single-crystal LaAlO3 (001) and SrTiO3 (011) substrates with additional annealing to relax the lattice strain. Although the Nd0.52Sr0.48MnO3 films were deposited simultaneously on different substrates at the same deposition rate, they differ in thickness by a factor of ? ....
journal article 2011
Lee, Y.P. (author), Park, S.Y. (author), Park, J.S. (author), Prokhorov, V.G. (author), Komashko, V.A. (author), Svetschnikov, V.L. (author), Kang, J.H. (author)
The structural, magnetic, and transport properties of La0.7(Ca1?ySry)0.3MnO3 films, deposited on a LaAlO3?(001) single crystalline substrate by rf-magnetron sputtering using “soft” (or powder) targets, have been investigated. It was found that at 0.3 ? y ? 0.5 both the rhombohedral (R3c) and the orthorhombic (Pnma) crystal phases in the form of...
journal article 2007