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Seo, M.A. (author), Adam, A.J.L. (author), Kang, J.H. (author), Lee, J.W. (author), Ahn, K.J. (author), Park, Q.H. (author), Planken, P.C.M. (author), Kim, D.S. (author)
We performed terahertz near-field experiments on single rectangular holes with various lengths grown on an electro-optic crystal substrate with ?/100 resolution. We find that the near-field amplitude becomes proportionally larger as the rectangle becomes narrower, strongly suggesting that a constant energy passes through even for a very narrow...
journal article 2008
Deibel, J.A. (author), Berndsen, N. (author), Wang, K. (author), Mittleman, D.M. (author), Van der Valk, N.C.J. (author), Planken, P.C.M. (author)
We report on the emission patterns from THz plasmons propagating towards the end of cylindrical metal waveguides. Such waveguides exhibit low loss and dispersion, but little is known about the dynamics of the terahertz radiation at the end of the waveguide, specifically in the near- and intermediate-field. Our experimental results and numerical...
journal article 2006