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Wilfert, Stefan (author), Sessi, Paolo (author), Wang, Zhiwei (author), Schmidt, Henrik (author), Martinez Velarte, M.C. (author), Lee, S.H. (author), Hor, Yew San (author), Otte, A.F. (author), Ando, Yoichi (author), Wu, Weida (author), Bode, Matthias (author)
Recently, the doping of topological insulators has attracted significant interest as a potential route towards topological superconductivity. Because many experimental techniques lack sufficient surface sensitivity, however, definite proof of the coexistence of topological surface states and surface superconductivity is still outstanding....
journal article 2018
Mei, Ran (author), Nobu, Masaru K. (author), Narihiro, Takashi (author), Kuroda, Kyohei (author), Muñoz Sierra, J.D. (author), Wu, Zhuoying (author), Ye, Lin (author), Lee, Patrick K.H. (author), Lee, P.H.L. (author), van Lier, J.B. (author), McInerney, Michael J. (author), Kamagata, Yoichi (author), Liu, Wen Tso (author)
Anaerobic digester (AD) microbiomes harbor complex, interacting microbial populations to achieve biomass reduction and biogas production, however how they are influenced by operating conditions and feed sludge microorganisms remain unclear. These were addressed by analyzing the microbial communities of 90 full-scale digesters at 51 municipal...
journal article 2017