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Wu, Dequan (author), Zhang, D. (author), Ye, Yuwei (author), Ma, Lingwei (author), Minhas, Badar (author), Liu, Bei (author), Terryn, H.A. (author), Mol, J.M.C. (author), Li, Xiaogang (author)
Recently, lubricant-infused surfaces (LIS) have emerged as a prominent class of surface technology for antifouling, anti-icing and anticorrosion applications. However, long-term corrosion exposure and mechanical damages may deteriorate the practical performance of LIS during application. In this study, a robust LIS was fabricated by the...
journal article 2019
Zhang, Y. (author), Wu, B. (author), Zhou, J. (author), Ye, G. (author), Shui, Z. (author)
Concrete containing supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) has different durability properties from that containing pure Portland cement. The durability of concrete is always associated with the properties of microstructure, especially pore structure. PressurizationÔÇôDepressurization Cycling Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry (PDC-MIP) was...
conference paper 2014