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Wu, Y. (author), Nieuwenhoff, M.D. (author), Huygen, F.J.P.M. (author), van der Helm, F.C.T. (author), Niehof, S.P. (author), Schouten, A.C. (author)
Small nerve fibers regulate local skin blood flow in response to local thermal perturbations. Small nerve fiber function is difficult to assess with classical neurophysiological tests. In this study, a vasomotor response model in combination with a heating protocol was developed to quantitatively characterize the control mechanism of small...
journal article 2017
Nieuwenhoff, MD (author), Wu, Y. (author), Huygen, F.J.P.M. (author), Schouten, A.C. (author), van der Helm, F.C.T. (author), Niehof, SP (author)
Introduction: Small nerve fiber dysfunction is an early feature of diabetic neuropathy. There is a strong clinical need for a non-invasive method to assess small nerve fiber function. Small nerve fibers mediate axon reflex-related vasodilation and play an important role in thermoregulation. Assessing the reflex vasodilation after local heating...
journal article 2016