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Garcia Espallargas, S.J. (author), Wu, X. (author)
Recently, encapsulated silyl esters have been shown to act as efficient healing agents for self-healing anticorrosive coatings. While the positive protective effects were irrefutable, the actual protection mechanism has not been clarified yet. In this study, x-ray computed ?-tomography and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy have been...
conference paper 2013
Wu, Y. (author), Wang, Y.M. (author), Song, G.M. (author), Li, X.W. (author)
Oxidation behavior of a Re-based diffusion barrier/Ni–Al coated single-crystal (SC) Ni-based TMS-82+ superalloy was studied to compare with those of the base and Ni–Al coated superalloys under cyclic air at 1150 °C for 200 h. The base superalloy showed a negative mass gain due to extensive oxide spallation, and the Ni–Al coated superalloy...
journal article 2011