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De Jong, J.T. (author), Soga, K.S. (author), Kavazanjian, E. (author), Burns, S. (author), Van Paassen, L.A. (author), Al Quabany, A. (author), Aydilek, A. (author), Bang, S.S. (author), Burbank, M. (author), Caslake, L.F. (author), Chen, C.Y. (author), Cheng, X. (author), Chu, J. (author), Ciurli, S. (author), Esnault-Filet, A. (author), Fauriel, S. (author), Hamdan, N. (author), Hata, T. (author), Inagaki, Y. (author), Jefferis, S. (author), Kuo, M. (author), Laloui, L. (author), Larrahondo, J. (author), Manning, D.A.C. (author), Martinez, B. (author), Montoya, B.M. (author), Nelson, D.C. (author), Palomino, A. (author), Renforth, P. (author), Santamarina, J.C. (author), Seagren, E.A. (author), Tanyu, B. (author), Tsesarsky, M. (author), Weaver, T. (author)
Consideration of soil as a living ecosystem offers the potential for innovative and sustainable solutions to geotechnical problems. This is a new paradigm for many in geotechnical engineering. Realising the potential of this paradigm requires a multidisciplinary approach that embraces biology and geochemistry to develop techniques for beneficial...
journal article 2013
Xiong, Lichun (author), Yu, Chang (author), De Jong, W.M. (author), Wang, Fengting (author), Cheng, Baodong (author)
The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Integration Plan is one of the most important national strategies in China promoting regional economic development. The environmental problems in this region, however, especially air pollution and contaminated groundwater, have enormous influence on the people's health while also causing economic loss....
journal article 2017
Xiong, Lichun (author), De Jong, W.M. (author), Wang, Fengting (author), Cheng, Baodong (author), Yu, Chang (author)
Promoting the rise of Central China is one of the most important national strategies regarding the promotion of China's economic development. However, the environmental issues in the central regions have become remarkably severe. It is therefore worthwhile exploring how economic development and environmental protection can be coordinated....
journal article 2018