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Soni, A.K. (author), Verschuur, D.J. (author)
For vertical-seismic-profiling (VSP) measurements, the use of blended acquisition, with time-overlapping shot records, can greatly reduce the downtime and, thereby, provide large cost savings. For directly imaging blended VSP measurements, we have used full-wavefield migration (FWM). FWM is an inversion-based imaging scheme that enables us to...
journal article 2015
Moghaddam, P.P. (author), Keers, H. (author), Herrmann, F.J. (author), Mulder, W.A. (author)
Waveform inversion is the method of choice for determining a highly heterogeneous subsurface structure. However, conventional waveform inversion requires that the wavefield for each source is computed separately. This makes it very expensive for realistic 3D seismic surveys. Source-encoding waveform inversion, in which the sources are modeled...
journal article 2013