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Zhuang, T. (author), Qian, Queena (author), Visscher, H.J. (author), Elsinga, M.G. (author)
China’s fast growth of economy and urbanization has created a world record on its own since its reform and opening-up policy in late 1970s. This drives mass demolition and reconstruction and leaves a short lifespan of existing buildings through unsustainable urban renewal. Many developed countries/regions, such as the UK and Hong Kong, have long...
conference paper 2016
Vernay, A.L. (author), Pandis, S. (author), Salcedo Rahola, T.B. (author), Ravesteijn, W. (author)
More than half of the world population lives in urban areas concentrating and increasing the magnitude of social and environmental impacts. The potential role of cities in a transition to a sustainable society started to be widely recognized after the 1992 Rio conference where the Agenda 21 program was signed. Since then, a number of urban...
conference paper 2010